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Flood Restoration
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What is Flood Restoration?

In situations where your house is damaged by occurrences such as floods, plumbing problems, sewage back up, and other water damages, a flood restoration team is what you need to fix the destructions left by these unfortunate events. They provide thorough cleaning services and fix other house related issues.

What to do if your House is Flooded?

House flooding can be caused by many factors such as burst pipes, water overflow because of the damaged plumbing system, a natural disaster such as a hurricane, and leakage on your floors or walls. In case of water damage, you should call Disaster Restoration Columbus to fix the problem before the water can do further damage to your furniture, appliances, and essential fixtures in your house. However, you can do a personal check-up and do the bare minimum of preparations for the restoration team to arrive.

  • Switch off the Electrical Breaker to prevent any electrical malfunctions. Electricity is quite dangerous with water around. It can cause electrocution.
  • Turn off the main water pipe for flooding caused by ruptured water pipes and lines. It would be best if you stopped the water flow first, so the water volume is minimized.
  • Report the situation to your insurance company.

How Does Flood Restoration Work?

The approach to solving water damages varies from the condition and severity of the damages. But a standard process is prepared by Disaster Restoration Columbus.

1. Call Flood Restoration Columbus

A specialist will take all the necessary details to know the severity and the affected areas in your house.

2. Survey and Assessment for Water Damage

This procedure is required to create a constructive restoration plan and layout. Our specialist will inspect how big the damaged area is, what seems to be the cause of the issue, the extremity of the concern, and other related information.

3. Extraction of the Water

Removal of the accumulated water is the foremost concern of the restoration team. The restoration team needs to reduce the possible damage it can occur while the water stays in place. Equipment such as water pumps and vacuums are used to suck the water out. The growth of molds can also be prevented.

4. Drying and Dehumidifying

Even after extracting the large volume of water, it does not totally remove everything. In this case, the remaining water is dried using a dehumidifier and air mover machine.

5. Cleaning and Sanitizing

To complete the restoration process, all the affected areas and things have to be cleaned thoroughly. Harden mud, stains, and other damages can be visible, and they need to be removed. After the cleaning process, all your things will be sanitized.

6. Restoration

After all the necessary pre-restoration process, rehabilitation actions will now commence. The procedure includes replacing damaged house items and fixtures such as the drywall, floor surface, water systems, and others.

The Extremity Level of the Flood Damage

The severity of the damage caused by the flood can be measured based on its category.

Category 1

The damages are mainly due to defective water faucets, leaking sinks, and a minimal rainwater accumulation. The water looks clear and still considered uncontaminated. It does not cause any health-related harm. However, if left unattended for a day or 2, it may lead to damages.

Category 2

Water overflow from the toilet, burst sewage pipes, leaking water from the dishwater, and others can be considered contaminated because it is from the wastes areas. The water's color is a little bit gray and may potentially pose a danger to your health.

Category 3

If the water's color is murky and dark, you need to call your restoration team immediately as the water is a hundred percent contaminated and has bacteria on it. This type of water also poses an unpleasant smell, especially if left unattended for quite a long time.

Call the best restoration in Columbus for water damage services. Our staffs are trained and skilled workers who are very efficient at their job. Protect your family and your property against the destructive effects of flood and water damage.

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