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Odor Eliminator
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Keeping your house clean and sanitized all the time is your top priority. Eliminate the odor-causing factors with Odor Eliminator Columbus. We will provide you your much-needed cleaning supplies and products. Keep your family safe now.

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What Causes Unpleasant Odor in the House?

Everyone’s concern is to make sure that their house is always clean especially, given our current condition where deadly viruses and diseases are everywhere. However, there are certain instances where no matter how we clean our space, an unpleasant odor still lingers around. We have to know what causes this musty smell, so necessary precautions and solutions are given.

  • Unmaintained Sewage
    If water from the drainpipe of your bathroom or kitchen is not run regularly, it can permeate an unpleasant smell. It gives off a rotten egg-like smell. Your bathroom and kitchen water must be run or drain periodically, so there is no chance for sewer gas to build-up.
  • Pet Odor
    Our pets have become part of our family now and live in the same house with us. However, our pets can get smelly, too, especially if not properly taken care of. Our furry pets regularly shed hairs and can be seen everywhere in the house. The growth of odor-causing bacteria is possible and contributes to the foul smell that emanates from the whole house and may seep in through the curtains, bedsheets, sofas, etc. Another contributory to the stench smell is their waste droppings. Train your dog or cats to use their toilet for defecating or urinating, and make sure to clean them right away. Maintain the hygiene of your pets and a regular visit to a groomer is also highly suggested.
  • Stockpiles of Garbage
    Undisposed garbages are the leading cause of foul smell because all the non-biodegradable to perishable wastes are thrown in the trash bins. You should dispose of your house wastes every now and then and keep your garbage properly. Separate the perishable to plastics and other non-perishable items. You can use an air freshener to remove the stench. Also, use trash bins with covers because it is better to keep the smell and animals rummaging through them.
  • Molds Build Up
    Molds and mildew usually grow in damp areas in the house, and they often go unnoticed. The build-up of molds and mildew can cause a musty smell all over the place. It takes two steps to eliminate the smell and the molds. First, seal and dry all the possible causes of moisture, such as water pipes, and then remove the already grown molds using cleaning solutions.
  • Lingering Smoke
    Cigarette smoke can permeate throughout the house. It seeps in through the fabrics and other house items. You can minimize or keep it under control by having a good ventilation system. It would be best if you let the air in your house circulate properly. And also, spraying an air freshener can help.

Best Odor Eliminators that your House Need.

Get rid of the stubborn smell in your house by using these selected best odor eliminators available in Odor Eliminator Columbus.

1. Air Purifier

Eliminate the lingering smell with an air purifier. It traps unwanted chemical substances in the air and purifies these. Choose an air purifier that has a HEPA and Carbon filter.
-Levoit LV-H132
-Germ Guardian AC4825
-Honeywell HPA300

2. For Pet Odor

It removes odor caused by your pets and removes also remove stains on your house surface. It is safe for your pets, children, and carpets.
-Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator by Rocco and Roxie Supply Co.
-Super Strenght Pet Odor Neutralizer by Angry Orange.

3. Scented Candles

The aromatic smell from scented candles is a great way to deal with an unpleasant odor.
-Soy Aromatherapy Candle by Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day
-Lavender Green Tea Natural Soy by Pet House
-Pet Odor Exterminator Deodorizing Candle by Orange Lemon Splash

4. Plug-in Odor Remover

For a less hassle odor removal procedure, you can try the plug-in odor eliminator products.
-Plug-in Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator, Scented Oil Refill, and Oil Warmer by Febreeze

5. Carpet Odor Remover

Stains from pets, dirty shoes, and others can cause a stinky smell and dirty your carpet. To clean your carpet, you need these products.
-Extra Strength Odor Eliminator for Carpet and Room by Arm and Hammer
-Super Pet Carpet and Room Pet Oder Eliminator, Animal Smell Remover by Carpet Fresh
-Pet Stain & Odor Remover + Sanitize by Woolite Advanced

Odor Eliminator Columbus

Clean and freshen your house with these fantastic odor remover products. Keep your family safe.

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