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Sewage Backup
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One common causes of water damage in homes are sewer backup. Sewage Backup Madison will help you fix the damages caused by sewer backup.

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Signs Of A Sewage Backup

A sewage backup can be alarming and hazardous as it can open the door to a large number of damage and problems. It is critical not to overlook this problem as it can get worse and cause more damage.

A sewage backup occurs when there is a blockage in the normal flow of wastewater from your home to the city’s sanitary sewer, and the sewage begins to back up into your home. Several factors can cause sewage backup in your home, such as:

  • Too much rainwater or melted snow in the sewer system
  • A cracked or deteriorated sewer lateral
  • Old sewer system
  • Tree roots in the sewer lines
  • City sanitary mains are blocked
  • The plumbing is blocked
  • Sump pump failure

It is crucial to know the signs of sewage backup to fix the problem and immediately prevent immense damage.

Sewage BackUp Madison made a list of warning signs of sewage backup to help you prevent further water damage.

Bubbling Drains or Toilets

One of the indications that there is a sewage backup is the bubbles coming up through your drains and toilets while using them. Your drains and toilets bubble when the water waste cannot flow through your plumbing system as it should be. If this happens regularly, it will start to back up because it has nowhere to go. So, do not overlook any bubbling drains and toilets because they can indicate your sewage backing up.

Sewage-Like Odors Coming From The Drain

Your drains transport wastewater outside and away from your home; if you notice any foul smell coming from your drains or any sewage smell in your home, this is a significant indication that there is a sewage backup.

Slow Draining in Multiple Fixture

When you have multiple drains running slow, it means the wastewater cannot pass through the pipes and sewer line. This problem usually begins with the lowest drains as the backup creeps up the sewer line and piping. If your basement or first-floor has slow drainage of wastewater, it could indicate a sump pump failure that causes sewage backups. Sump Pump Repair Madison is needed to fix this problem.

Sewage Coming Out Of A Cleanout Pipe

The sewer cleanout pipe is the capped pipe that gives immediate access to the sewer line. Wastewater pushes up through the cleanout pipe outside or in the basement when your sewer line backs up. If you notice sewage coming out of a pipe in your basement or yard, contact Sewage Backup Madison immediately.

Clogs in Multiple Drains at Once

If you notice that there are many drains in your home that are clogged and do not allow the wastewater to pass through, it is more likely caused by sewage backup. And similar to slow drainage problems, these clogs can affect the lowest drains of your home first. A Sump Pump Repair Madison may be needed in this case.

Sewage backups are considered an emergency case due to the viruses, bacteria, and other microbes in the water that can cause serious diseases. It is crucial to have sewage cleanup to prevent clog and water damages. Do not treat your toilet like a garbage can, and do not flush items like wipes, diapers, paper towels, cigarette butts, facial tissues, or personal hygiene products down the toilet. Avoid throwing grease and other materials that can cause clogging down your sink.

 Sewage Backup Madison offers services that can help you fix your sewage problem immediately and prevent further water damage and hazard to you and your family’s health. Contact us if you notice any of the signs listed above.

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